Insurance Claims

As a natural problem solver, Cagney has spent over a decade in construction management where he has helped clients navigate insurance claim projects, giving him additional insight into the complexities involved with insurance claims processing.

“I have worked with clients who are pursuing their dreams, and those who have lost everything in devastating circumstances.”

Navigating insurance claims involve patience and lots of bureaucracy. North Point Construction and Restoration Inc. specializes in insurance restoration and helps clients navigate the process through regular communication and acting as an advocate between the client and the insurance company.

Throughout his career, Cagney Brown has developed a network of subcontractors in the insurance claim construction field, and understands the policies and standard rules that most contractors don’t.

“Insurance repair is more stressful than normal construction- it requires a third layer of ongoing communication with the insurance company. The physical work is the easiest it’s the documentation, time-consuming approval processes, and the constant interaction that complicates things.”


Insurance Repair Specialists

Have you recently experienced construction or property damage necessitating an insurance re-build?