At North Point Construction and Restoration Inc., President and Owner Cagney Brown leverages his decades of experience in commercial construction management every day. His supervisory and management experience with large-scale commercial construction projects includes the design and building of multi-story office buildings and commercial facilities; building, renovation and expansion of multi-unit residential dwellings; conducting multi-unit tenant improvement projects; and managing all aspects of complex insurance claim projects, including facilitating communications between property owners, tenants, insurance companies and government agencies.

North Point Construction and Restoration Inc. continues to serve commercial clients who need an experienced contractor to:

  • Design/Build new commercial facilities
  • Construct multi-story office building, warehouses and other commercial facilities
  • Facilitate facility remodels, including tenant improvements
  • Manage all aspects of insurance claims

Communicating with North Point Construction & Restoration, Inc. is fast and easy. Clients can connect with us in person, by phone, via email, and remotely, using a variety of online conferencing platforms.

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